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Long Island Schools Stats   Center Moriches Schools   Center Moriches Neighborhood Info
Principal : Edward Casswell
Total no of students : 520
Educational Climate : AVERAGE
Special Ed : Y
Magnet : N
Technology Measure : NOT REPORTED
Student Teacher Ratio : 16
Start Date : 09/06
End Date : 06/23
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Overall Experience   2016-02-01
everyone is family at center moriches, because the school is small, you are able to receive help when needed

Teachers   2014-11-01
They truly enjoy teaching the students, I only came across one teacher during her high school year who was not a good educator and other parents were on board about this individual. But on the whole it is a small school with good educators.

Teachers   2014-09-01
In general the teachers are pretty good

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-03-01
people are very accepting of others. peer pressure is present but is not a threat.

Teachers   2015-04-01
I have great quality teachers and because of them making sure I understand everything, results in great grades in school.

Overall Experience   2015-12-01
What makes center moriches so unique is that everyone is like a family, since the school is considerably small everyone knows everyone. I appreciate that there are no cliques and that there is not a lot of bullying. I love how it is easy to get involved by joining sports and clubs. The reason why I would choose center moriches is because of the friendships you can gain. From school I have gained life long friendships that I couldn't be more greatful for.

Overall Experience   2015-10-01
Center Moriches High School is what you make of it. There's a club here for pretty much anyone and if you can't find one you're interested in, all you need is three students and a teacher to make your own. Due to the size of the school everyone does indeed know everyone but that allows us to be a family. My advice is play sports, join clubs, and really put yourself out there, everyone you'll find here is extremely friendly. I've played varsity sports all four years of high school and I'm in over 6 different clubs including Interact, Bible Club, Multicultural Club, and D.E.C.A. Getting involved made the difference between me just going to school and having an awesome high school experience.

Overall Experience   2015-09-01
I love my high school. The teachers are always there to help you and they will drop whatever they're doing if you tell them you don't understand. The reason why I especially love my high school is because it's a small school so we don't have the "jock table" or the "nerd table" in the cafeteria; everybody sits together because we all get along so well. The seniors don't pick on the freshman because we all get along we are sometimes even in the same classes together. With all the great things that come with a high school you will always hear people complain about something the school could be doing better. The one thing that really bothers me in this school is the lack of college courses offered. Seniors like me want to make the most of their high school career by challenging themselves in college level courses. Other than that I have no complaints about my school. Each grade is very close with the others and if I had to do it all over again I would 110% choose Center Moriches High School!

Overall Experience   2014-03-01
many experiences for students. each year we hold a ballroom dancing performance and "dancing with the teachers" competition that the students enjoy.

Overall Experience   2016-02-01
I love how small and close my school is. Everyone cares about you and wants to make sure you were okay. I would choose my school again because my teachers are amazing and I've never had a problem with any of the students.

Teachers   2016-02-01
I believe the teachers in my school try their hardest to make sure we get the best education they can give. When I had my surgery they made sure I was okay and that I could catch up with all of my work. They genuinely care about their students

Teachers   2016-02-01
the teachers at center moriches high school are good. Some could be better

Teachers   2015-12-01
There are some teachers that actually DONT teach, they watch Family Guy, Mean Girls, for business law

Overall Experience   2013-07-01
Center Moriches was a good school. I loved the sports and atmosphere, but I felt that education was always the least important thing. Whenever we were learning about something there was always a movie to go along with whatever the lesson plan was. I loved the friends I made there, but it was hard to actually learn something when education wasn't emphasized.

Overall Experience   2014-01-01
Some teachers truly care about the students and i loved it, but there are just as many that teach just for a paycheck.

Overall Experience   2015-04-01
I would not choose this school again if I could do it all over again because I've had problems getting classes I wanted to take and not having enough course options. I disliked my guidance experience with applying to colleges. The food is gross. The teacher are average but other school are better academically.

Academics   2015-12-01
Really don't have much to pick from. I wanted to take debate for 4 years never got it. I have gotten study halls which are held in cafe during lunch periods (5-8) lunch and study halls. Periods 1-4 study hall in cafe without lunch

Academics   2014-11-01
I really wish there were more programs for the children.

Academics   2014-09-01
Academics. We have them. To an extent

Academics   2014-01-01
Some of the teachers are very thorough with their lessons and other teachers do not fully explain the lessons well enough.

Educational Outcomes   2015-04-01
Leaving high school I did not really feel prepared for college, I know nothing about applying for financial aid, getting scholarships preparation that's pretty important at this point but I can tell you some pretty I tresting history facts that are pretty useless at this point

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-08-01
There is an unusual amount of diversity at my school especially because there is an indian reservation nearby and many students are residents there. My school is not the typical clique driven high school when it comes to the social scene. There is one very large clique in my grade and then there's everyone else and while this divides the school it also keeps it from becoming too fragmented as it would be if there were many smaller cliques.

Teachers   2013-07-01
The teachers are alright. They aren't anything special, and never really taught material. It's nice to have an adult teach about life, but I would've loved class time being dedicated to the most part for studies.

Teachers   2015-04-01
Most teachers don't care, they just kind of whatever there's a handful in the school that actually care and help support students and actually do what they need to, to help.

Overall Experience   2013-08-01
I come from one of those small schools where everyone's been together since kindergarden and although it means you can become very close with many classmates, it also means everyone knows everything about everyone else. I strongly dislike that the same people are always in my classes because theres only one Honors class for each subject. However there is a lot of school spirit here which is a definite boost.

Teachers   2015-04-01
There are very few teachers in my school that are of good quality, and by that i mean they are currently living a life that was easiest for them. Most of my teachers are not living their dream, and believe me it shows. Im not saying they're bad people but that miserable persona they consistently emit is not a good environment for students to be in. I want to be taught by someone who loves what they're doing, not by someone who wakes up every morning telling themselves a bull sh*t story on why they have the job they do and not their dream job so they don't have a mental breakdown. I wish to be taught by someone some day who loves teaching as much as i love learning.

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