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Principal : Jeffrey Myers
Total no of students : 1300
Educational Climate : ABOVE AVERAGE
Special Ed : Y
Magnet : N
Technology Measure : MEDIUM
Student Teacher Ratio : 11
Start Date : 09/08
End Date : 06/30
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Academics   2014-01-01
Music is very popular among students and physical education when there is the volleyball tournaments against great atheletic teams and people use the art classes as relaxing and as an easy grade. Some people have multiple study halls due to the fact that they have taken a tremendous workload during their high school career.

Academics   2015-01-01
The teachers are really nice and helpful. They will always make sure everyone is on track of works. We have a lot of options of subjects to choose from.

Academics   2015-01-01
We have a wide range of academic choices to suit everyones' wants and needs.

Academics   2013-03-01
If you take full advantage of the classes offered, the classes can be challenging and rigorous. SUPA/AP/IB and honor classes are very popular and taught extremely well. Even the regents classes, if taught by a good teacher, can be challenging.

Academics   2013-05-01
The topics are a variety ranging from simple algebra to chemistry and physics and all the history you can learn. there are many art and cooking courses. also there are many computer courses and the teachers are very nice.

Overall Experience   2015-12-01
This school had a great impact in my life. Was able to build up my confidence to speak up and defend my cause; find friends that would last forever not just for the school year; joined clubs to defend Hispanics in my school and community; but best of all tried new things. High school was all about stepping out your conform zone and trying new things. Might of hated or enjoy those experience but at least you tried. I loved my teachers and counselor. They did more than their required job to become your friend and be your main support in life. Wishing me the best and helping me achieve my goals. When I thought I couldn't do certain things, my counselor was there to push me. My teachers did the work to teach me the material in any way that could. I love this school and I miss it dearly.

Overall Experience   2015-01-01
This school is great. I love everything here. And i will miss here when i go off to college. It gives me such a wonderful high experience, it makes me feel like home, it is the best school to spent your 4 years of high school career.

Overall Experience   2014-01-01
I loved it throughout high school I was very involved in extracurricular activities,sports,and community service activities.The students make the school unique because there is people from all over Long Beach from different financial and ethnic backgrounds that blend together in school in various classes and in the hallways.If i had to choose I would choose this school again I highly reccommend Long Beach High School to anyone looking for high schools to go to

Overall Experience   2013-05-01
At my school i have enjoyed all the things it has to offer. from sports to clubs. i love my school and will be very sad to have to eventually leave this place.

Student Culture & Diversity   2015-01-01
Everyone in this school is friendly. There is barely bully cases around.

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-01-01
Nobody cares about sexuality, race, etc.

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-01-01
The school contains a very diverse population of students.Peer pressure is avoidable but acceptance is seen if you hang out with the in crowd that drinks together outside of school it doesn't seem as if sexual preference or race has anything to do with whether or not you are accepted in a somewhat cliquey environment such as this one.The school is a great place with great teachers.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-03-01
There is so much culture and diversity at Long Beach. It's is its own culture because there's so many cultures coming together forming one big culture. It's not so much split up into groups of the same cultures and diversities although there are some people that do that. Most of the groups are very divers and have different cultures. Is great because other people learn different cultures by hanging out with people with a different culture from their own.

Teachers   2014-11-01
The teachers are excellent. I rarely have a problem.

Teachers   2014-09-01
the teachers are nice and care about the students. they often contact with the parents in order to let them know how the students do in school

Teachers   2015-01-01
Teachers in my school take what they do to heart. Whatever subject they teach, they love it and engage themselves to show us why they love it and what we could do to involve ourselves in what they love.

Teachers   2015-01-01
The teachers at this school are extremely dedicated to their students, especially those who teach IB or AP courses. Teachers stay after school multiple times a week to offer extra help, as well as during their free periods and every day before school. Throughout my high school career, teachers have been extremely flexible and helpful with my grades and in understanding circumstances outside of school.

Teachers   2013-09-01
The teachers at this school are hardworking and open hearted towards their students. They have patience and tons of experience to offer to their students. They involve activities within the course to grasp attention and tend to have flexible schedules for a student in need who needs extra help . They are devoted and caring and will do whatever it takes to get their students to be the best they can be.

Teachers   2013-03-01
The teachers at LBHS are very caring. They comprehend the potential of each student and are willing to help them reach the most they put their heart desires on. They are tough but loving at the same time.

Teachers   2013-03-01
The teachers at the school are very good and knowledgeable about their subject. They all genuinely care about their topic and students and are more then willing to do everything they can to help out the student.

Teachers   2013-03-01
they help you understand the subject of the lesson if some student don't get the topic. give you opportunities to success in class.

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-01-01
Pretty diverse for a Long Island school but still hard for minority groups sometimes

Teachers   2016-03-01
teachers seem to not enjoy their job. All teachers have after school help. Some teachers cannot help struggling students.

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-01-01
I have yet to come across any bullying based on sexual orientation, race, religion, or really anything else. My school is very accepting of each other and there really aren't any cliques. People have more of a web of friends than a circle of friends.

Student Culture & Diversity   2015-01-01
Socially, I have a lot of friends and no complaints. Any issues outside of school pertaining to drinking, peer pressure, drugs, bullying, etcare dealt with by the principal and vice principal, and consequences are very serious. The social scene is very diverse and accepting.

Overall Experience   2013-03-01
Everybody hates High School at points, but all in all, it is an amazing school to attend, with limitless possibilities. The people are amazing, and the teachers truly care. It is an awesome place to get the full high school experience.

Overall Experience   2013-09-01
Long Beach High School is one of the most interesting schools on Long Island. I enjoy the school spirit among the students and like the diversity present in the school body. There are several classes to take that are interesting and that offer great amounts of college credits to students. The teachers are great and so open-hearted and some of them are even coaches of sports teams, which creates a greater teacher-student bond over time. It is easy to make friends as there are tons of clubs and activities to get involved in. All in all, there is no school like Long Beach High School.

Overall Experience   2013-08-01
After transferring high schools, I was very happy with my new school. My new school is definitely more well-rounded, with a great variety of clubs, people and academics. The school is in a small town, which is great because everybody knows everybody. There's definitely a chance for everyone to fit in, yet stand out. I'm very pleased with my choice of attending my current high school.

Overall Experience   2015-10-01
LBHS is my second home. Between sports, clubs, the ib diploma, and music I basically live there... That's not a complaint though.

Overall Experience   2015-09-01
This school has very good teachers that care for you if you take the time to show interest in their class. For the most part all the teachers are friendly and willing to help you do better, one just has to seek it. The social workers and psychologists are top notch, always helpful and one of the best ive ever met with. The activities in this school are endless and theyre all incredible.

Overall Experience   2015-08-01
I've had a good experience so far.

Overall Experience   2015-08-01
The overall experience can vary greatly from student to student, depending on if they apply themselves or not. I have tried my best and taken the most rigorous course schedule possible and i feel that I received a very good education for a public school

Academics   2013-04-01
this school has classes that any student will like to take ans their are challenge ones.

Academics   2013-03-01
The curriculum at Long Beach is very diverse. Along with traditional AP/honors classes, the school has recently added the IB Diploma program, which is an international academic program which greatly teaches kids both inside and outside the classroom. The school also offers SUPA classes, through Syracuse University, which easily allows students to earn College credits.

Academics   2013-03-01
The academics offered are very wide ranged, from a whole bunch of swimming and dancing and yoga gym classes to IB program classes or AP or SUPA classes to prepare students for college. They also have classes for ones who do not want college credit, which usually have a Regent exam in June. The work load varies with what level class.

Academics   2013-08-01
There is a wide variety of academics and levels for the students in my school. We have IB, AP, honors, regular regents classes, as well as applied classes. The workload is fair depending on the class. Some are more challenging than others, but that is mainly based on the academic level of the class. The IB, AP, and Honors classes are definitely very challenging and intense. We have great supportive teachers and guidance counselors that help us schedule and pick our classes out.

Academics   2013-07-01
The academics that are offered, here at Long Beach are consistently challenging, and we are privileged to have such courses, such as International Baccalaureate courses, SUPA courses, various AP/honors courses, applied courses, and for those who are challenged, life skills courses, which help those who may have a certain handicap. We also have great music programs, athletics, and technology courses. My favorite course personally, so far, would have to be my weight training course, physical fitness is a key part of my life, it helps build not only strength and knowledge but a solid foundation for partnerships, friendships, networking, and its a means of activity rather than sitting, lounging around. Some courses i wish Long Beach would include, that my previous High School, West Hempstead High School, would include are the various business, marketing, and economics course that i truly loved to take during my two year tenure at West Hempstead.

Academics   2014-01-01
My school recently became an IB school so they have been shoveling Pro-IB propaganda down everyone's throats. I was an IB diploma candidate last year but dropped it this year and that was probably the best choice I made through out high school. other than that my school does offer a variety of classes and they really push for art and music classes. SUPA, AP, IB, honors and regents classes are available. The school did get rid of a lot of classes to fund the IB classes but they can be reintegrated if students push for it.

Academics   2013-09-01
The academics are great at this school. We have a huge amount of diverse students so the diverse class options suits the school body. We have classes that will challenge every student in the school if Rey choose to be challenged . With these classes a lot of new experiences and insights come out of them . Some change students view points on topics and some invites students into a whole new area of life and value . We are fortunate to have so many options to choose from, and is much appreciated.

Academics   2013-09-01
this school has a lot of clubs and courses to offer

Academics   2014-01-01
A lot of higher level courses are available.

Overall Experience   2016-03-01
My favorite experiences at this school are the sporting events due to the passionate student section. This school is very community orientated. I would choose this school again because its faculty cares about their student very much.

Overall Experience   2016-02-01
Honestly, my favorite experiences have mostly been having a substitute teacher in the class. That is when class is most enjoyable. What makes this school "unique" is how much they don't care. They don't truly care if students are walking around during class or staying in the library when they should be in class. It is too easy to leave school entirely. There are problems with drugs, alcohol, and fighting. I would most likely not come back to this school if I had to do high school all over again. This is a sink or swim kind of school, where they do not teach you how to survive college.

Overall Experience   2015-12-01
I like the staff and the classes I take. The students are friendly. I don't like how they took away most AP classes to push the IB curriculum because IB is horrible.

Overall Experience   2015-11-01
The school forces kids to take ib classes

Overall Experience   2015-06-01
Personally I dislike the kids in the school. they are very rude and disrespectful, get away with it rather that first time offenders.

Overall Experience   2015-04-01
My high school experience has been really tough. Having to deal with Hurricanes, and rude teachers, and even teachers who refused to teach. I have made really great friends, but I couldn't be more excited to be done.

Overall Experience   2015-08-01
The school is very diverse.

Overall Experience   2015-09-01
Some of the advanced teachers weren't prepared to teach college level courses.

Overall Experience   2014-01-01
You get out of it what you put into it. Work hard.

Overall Experience   2014-01-01
The teachers are pretty average except for a few really good teachers. A lot of courses have been cut out making it very difficult to take exactly what you want. The homecoming football game is always fun but the school is not as spirited as some schools. Most of the sport teams are pretty average

Overall Experience   2014-01-01
Freshman year was awesome, so was sophmore year. Went downhill after that

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-11-01
Guys of different races mix more than girls of different races do. I think it's because guys all bond over sports as teammates. There are large friend groups that typically stay within their group, but nobody really cares about your sexuality or religion. It's just hard to jump into a new friend group is all.

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-01-01
There are many different paths you can take at this school. You can be involved in clubs and the higher level classes and do very well and go to any ivy league college and be successful. Others chose a bad path and end up going to NCC or a low level of college or drop out

Teachers   2016-02-01
Teachers mostly try to help students but can be arrogant and abrasive. Mostly depends on which teachers you have. Some deeply are about their students but other only care about themselves and keeping their jobs. Some teaching styles aren't helpful to students. Some teachers don't actually teach, just give students assignments and hope for the best. It will be a lot of self-teaching and learning how to work the system.

Teachers   2016-01-01
The school is good, but could be better. The teachers are nice, but some only do the minimum or less. A lot of teachers don't help the students that are struggling.

Teachers   2015-04-01
I've has some really great teachers, and some poor.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-03-01
This is a very diverse school. It is rare that any type of situation that involves bullying occurs. several of the students are more welcoming than one would think due to the many activities that are offered in this school such as extracurricular activities including sports and clubs, and phenomenal music programs.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-02-01
There is a lot of cultural diversity in Long Beach H.S. That is one of the most important reasons why I like the school so much. Its good how each culture gets along and theres not too much conflict between them.

Teachers   2013-02-01
Theres many good teachers at LBHS but at the same time there are some teachers that make me wonder how they even graduated college and got a job at the high school. However, for the most part the teachers know what they are talking about and can explain things throughly.

Teachers   2014-01-01
Some teachers are amazing others are bad more average teachers

Teachers   2014-11-01
Throughout 4 years of high school, I've had 2 teachers that really cared enough to actually put in extra effort. Every other teacher seams to watch the clock, desperately waiting for class to be over.

Teachers   2015-03-01
Ive had a teacher make a mistake in his grading on almost every single one of my math tests throughout the year. I probably gained 50-100 extra points throughout the year that he wouldnt have given me. He also gave a student an A+ (98 to be exact) who missed many classes throughout the year and got mediocre test grades while he gave another student who got mid to high 90s on the overwhelming majority of exams and didnt miss many homeworks, if any, a 90. Basically, he was the least objective teacher i have ever had, AND he refused to discuss final grades each quarter. In general, many classes are boring and teachers lack control of the rowdier students. Some teachers refuse to discuss grading policies and do inform students of any missing assignments, which is reasonable unless the teacher has a policy that dictates that students can make up missing work for half credit by the end of the quarter.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-09-01
This school is full of cliques. If you are a football player you hang out with them often and if you are a basketball player you are most likely hanging out withe them . Students that tend to be mor fortunate than others usually hangout together. Thw students that are not as fortunate hang out together as well . What ever athlete you are, your talents, your fortune, where you live and your reputation leads you to your clique that you belong too. Occasionally you will see a mixture but other wise, it's either your in a clique or your not with anyone.

Overall Experience   2013-07-01
Teachers were always so preoccupied with the class clowns and kids that acted up that I felt like a lot of my classes were constantly disrupted.

Overall Experience   2015-03-01
I really dont want to review the whole school. Overall, it simply is not a very good school. Some good teachers, some bad teachers, and a few horrendous teachers. If you can, go elsewhere.

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