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Principal : Damon McCord
Total no of students : 815
Educational Climate : AVERAGE
Special Ed : N
Magnet : N
Technology Measure : LOW
Student Teacher Ratio : 11
Start Date : 09/07
End Date : 06/09
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Overall Experience   2016-07-01
Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School is not like any other jr. High and high school, I believe it's better than any other school because the classrooms are diverse and everyone respects each other equally. Dur to tge fact that M.E.L.S is a small school the staff know every student individually, in this school the students are just a number but they are known by their name.

Overall Experience   2016-07-01
I'e been in this school for 5 years now and in September it will be my 6th year here. The principles know everyone's name and how they act and the teachers are amazing at what they do.This school is very hands on and knows how to push their students to what they want to be in the future.

Overall Experience   2016-04-01
I love this school. The Expeditionary Learning system really helped me and my education throughout the years I have been attending. I have had great experiences and opportunities I know I wouldn't get at any other school. My high school experience started of great with crew orientation and during senior year I participated in a very prestigious scholarship. Having crew is one of the things that makes this school unique.

Overall Experience   2015-10-01
The school pushes me to be a better person.

Student Culture & Diversity   2015-02-01
The kids are very involved in every issue--school spirit or controversy-- and discuss all in community meetings

Teachers   2016-08-01
the teachers are the best they help and care about the students

Teachers   2016-07-01
Most if not all the teachers in my high school, use any and every resource they have in order to help their students succeed both inside and outside of the classroom.

Teachers   2016-07-01
This teacher helped in sophomore year amazingly, I couldn't ask for anything better. He helped in sour many ways.

Teachers   2016-04-01
I love all of my teachers. They are super supportive, caring and teach material well. They make sure you understand the material and if you don't they are available either before or after class. Teachers will often check in with how I am doing; overall the staff is a group of friendly people, but they know how to properly discipline children and teach a class.

Teachers   2016-04-01
The teachers hands down is what makes this school. Their dedication is beyond what i've seen in any other environment. It's a no textbook school so they must develop lessons and ensure the students are up to DOE standards. They also work hard on training every week and ensuring their giving their students both educational and emotional support to succeed.

Teachers   2016-03-01
The teacher in the school are willing to help you with anything you need help with. They will take their personal time and help you. Give you advice to help you succeed in the future.

Teachers   2016-03-01
I have encountered teachers al over New York, but none are as caring and as great as those that go to Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School (MELS). They always have close relationships with the students and are there for us. Even if its for advice, the teachers here always show nothing but support and genuine kindness. As I gradually come to the realization that this is the last year I get to see them, it saddens me more and more, because these teachers made me who I am today and they bring joy to the classroom setting.

Teachers   2015-02-01
almost all teachers are fabulous

Teachers   2016-05-01
Teachers in middle school are very expeditionary learning, they allow kids to learn with hands on techiques, with topics that are current and exciting to learn. Once you enter high school, standard testing gets in the way, which does not allow expeditionary learning to happen to it's fullest potiental.

Teachers   2016-05-01
The teachers at my school do not use textbooks or teach solely based on practice tests for the regents in New York. Teachers at Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School encourage students to do their best and make sure they are on track to graduate highschool. The school makes it so by the end of junior year students begin achieving an advanced regents diploma and take more AP classes by the start of senior year. Staff is kind and tries to get involved in the student's life to understand them better.

Overall Experience   2015-10-01
MELS is a really good school, which offers lots of opportunities, and its a very strict school as well.

Overall Experience   2015-11-01
The reason why this school is great is because the teachers are willing to help you with anything that you need help in during their office hours.

Overall Experience   2016-03-01
It has opened my eyes to see how much they are pushing me for success in the real world. They always make sure you have the right foot forward.

Academics   2016-03-01
There is a variety as long as you have all credits you're allowed to choose your own courses for next year or the next semster

Academics   2015-04-01
Its an EL school which is wonderful

Educational Outcomes   2015-02-01
I plan to speak in depth to the new college advisor about which schools to look into for my son

Overall Experience   2016-05-01
The school really tries to get to know each student and have options for every learner. The staff is great and being part of the first graduating class, I been able to see the different trials and errors they been through. They really make sure that everyone has a good time.

Overall Experience   2016-05-01
In this school, students are involved in events regardless committing to a club after school or not. The school believes in togetherness and requires students to attend events that have to do with their education and school work. We have an event called a POL which stands for presentation of learning. During this event students show off their work they have accumulated for this night. Students from all grades attend and support their peers. There's also times where we have carwashes bear from all grades attend and support their peers. There's also times where we have carwashes, fairs, student versus teacher sports games, dances, and cultural nights to bond with. We have many more opportunities to interact with not only our class but our whole school.

Overall Experience   2015-11-01
My favorite types of experiences would be the ones that we would have to learn on trips or do hands on activities, or learning in a playing game type of manner. Those help me remember what we're learning better. This school is unique because of the fact that they learn with no textbooks and learning from doing. I wouldn't choose this school again because of the people there and all the rules, they treat the students there like little kids and the school is way to small for the amount of kids there. On the other hand, I'd choose it again because they care about our college future and make us do more than any other school by having many more credits and they give us lots of opportunities.

Academics   2016-04-01
Academics offered is okay. There are electives to choose from and the school gears students to take classes they need in order to graduate and to match regent/AP tests.

Overall Experience   2015-09-01
Ok, so this school is a 6-12 school and the principles want you to stay in their school all the way from 6-12. Their friendly attitudes towards me immediately changed when they discovered I had a better offer at another high school. I guess they took it personally. But for the most part, I have to admit, the staff was really friendly. They were easy going but almost too easy going. They encourage you to pass the test, they don't encourage you much to go beyond that. The pace they go in is really slow because majority of the time, they mix the 'regular' kids with the ones with learning disabilities. I have nothing against them, but when they do this, it does tend to slow down the learning process. Also, with all these individual attention, it is hard to move on. Not only that, but not much opportunities are given. There isn't much of a diversity. On top of that, all the good teachers are quitting or getting fired, which is very unfair for the students. Another thing this school does is preparing them for success. Yes they do prepare students for real life scenarios, but it is not very effective. Yes we do get handouts, but think about it, in college you would be asked to read 10-40 pages of dense material from a text book each night. It would be better if textbooks were given so that students can read on before class if they wish to. The academics and the opportunities should definetly change, but the staff, I would say is alright. They are really nice and they are very supportive. There is a lot of individual attention being given, due to the fact that the class sizes are small, but other than that. This school definetly needs improvement. Maybe Mels will be in a better position 10 years from now (so I hope). But not at this moment, no.

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